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My name is Gracie. I'm a senior in college. I'm a graphic designer and artist. I am barely on tumblr but will occasionally post things. I live for God, surfing, live music, and laughter. I play mandolin and love folk music. My musical interests include Ben Howard, Jon Foreman, The Oh Hellos, and The Head and the Heart.

Day by day old joy comes back to me.
Wave monsta. Follow my Instagram @gwilzz or @gwilsart
Begin and never cease.

love your ground.
I won the Macklemore contest for the pizza party last year. Guess you just can’t get that lucky 2 years in a row!
This cracks me up. I posted this over a year ago from a project I did. I literally just slapped the patagonia logo in a circle and put it over a picture, and it gets 7,000+ notes while the art I actually work on gets unnoticed. I gained no followers from this either which I find hilarious.
Every time I came on tumblr it was just about patagonia patagonia patagonia. So I stopped. I still think it’s funny though, it just keeps going…every day. 

So little time, so many people to delete off facebook when I graduate.